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Dr. Streeter takes the time to really talk with us about our pets care. She listens to what we are experiencing and observing with our pets and helps us formulate care plans that are the best fit for all of us (our beloved pets and the humans that care for them). She is very good at explaining the conditions our pets have and the options for their care. You really feel like she cares as much as we do about our pets! Having a Heal vet come to your home is such a wonderful experience. Our pets are relaxed and comfortable in their own environment. They all come to welcome Dr. Streeter at the door of our home! It creates a loving, nurturing environment focused our our pets care.”

--Helen, NC

“Fern is always very happy to see Dr. O’Leary and welcomes her treatments. Dogs can tell when someone truly loves them!”

--Nell, NC

Dr Andersen is the best! She is very knowledgeable & caring, always taking the time to listen and answer any questions. And, of course, my dog loves her too!”

--Steven, CT

Dr. Emily is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I have total confidence in her abilities. It was much less stressful for my dog to have Dr. Emily come to our home. ”

--Lee, CT

“I always have a good experience with Dr. O'Leary, and Echo feels so much better after her treatments. She has been feeling so much better overall since we began her therapy. ”

--Stephanie, NC

“Love Dr. Emily. She is very knowledgeable and very compassionate and makes sure I get all my questions and concerns answered. ”

--Holly, CT

Dr. Watters gave us helpful tips on training and is very patient with questions and with our puppy.”

--Kenny, NC

“As multiple pet owners, establishing a great Vet-Pet-Owner relationship is very important to us. Dr. Streeter has exceeded our high expectations and we appreciate how thorough she is. We cannot say enough good things about her veterinary skills combined with a caring personality that makes it a win-win for us and our pets.”

--Carolyn, NC

Dr. Emily is a most wonderful, gentle, knowledgeable and caring vet and having her come to my home was a fabulous experience. First, the level of stress for my pet was reduced 100% which is invaluable to me. Dr. Emily had everything needed to examine him as if she was in the office and we did that outside. He received his acupuncture treatment in the comfort of his living room which made him relaxed and calm. No stress for my pup and a wonderful experience for me. I will definitely continue to use this service.”

--Joeline, CT

Dr. Jones and her assistant Hannah were professional, knowledgeable, effective and friendly”

--Bob, NC

“This was a wonderful experience for both me and my pets. So wonderful not to have to put my cats in a crate for that long dreaded ride to the vet. Dr. Streeter is awesome and she was able to assess and observe my pets in their own familiar environment. My pets received undivided, thorough attention. Great experience! I should have used mobile vet services a long time ago! ”

--Sandra, NC

“Waldo is a brand new rescue so he’s not super into meeting anyone new(yet), but Emily was kind, professional and kept the appropriate distance. She was able to share with me all the things I needed to know and have as far as preventative care. I very much look forward to working with her and Heal in the future!”

--Jordan, CT

Dr. Emily is kind, warm, gentle and knowledgeable. My pet loved having having his acupuncture treatment in the comfort of his home. ”

--Joeline, CT

“What a difference it made to Tucker to have his doctor visit him at home. Because of his arthritis, he always has trouble walking on the slick floors of the clinic and he gets very stressed. Then I get stressed. Plus, the vet spent over 30 minutes getting to know him. It was really amazing.”

--Joan, NC

“I started Heal so other pet parents could experience the compassion, convenience, and cutting edge medicine that I so needed for my sweet hound dog, Jim. I watched in wonder as Dr. O’Leary healed Jim, in the comfort of his own bed, and realized that I’d found a new kind of partner in my pet’s care.”

--Betsy Banks Saul, Founder of Heal House Call Veterinarian and


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