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" I would highly recommend Dr. Gough for anyone looking for acupuncture for their pet. Dr. G. helped my 13 year old lab, Dakota, with her osteoarthritis and neck pain. The acupuncture sessions gave Dakota pain relief, increased mobility, and helped get her appetite going again. Dr. G is thorough and compassionate, and the acupuncture sessions were very helpful for my pup."

--Dakota's Dad

" I want to bring to your attention the greatest Vet in Boulder County, Dr. Suzie Gough. We met (Murphy and I) Dr. Gough about a year ago, when she performed preventative healthcare on Murphy. Her love and passion for what she does is apparent. She treated Murphy with care, kindness, compassion, and help me with a situation regarding Murphy. Today, when it was time for Murphy's one-year preventative healthcare appointment, her love and passion continues to shine. With today's current events (COVID-19), she and her technician, Heather, took extra special precautions to keep everyone safe. This was very much appreciated. I hope my testimonial is posted somewhere on your site, so that those in my surrounding area can have the same amazing experience with Dr. Gough. I am truly blessed to have found the best Vet for Murphy and hope other will share my experience."

--Murphy's Mom, Kristen

“What a difference it made to Tucker to have his doctor visit him at home. Because of his arthritis, he always has trouble walking on the slick floors of the clinic and he gets very stressed. Then I get stressed. Plus, the vet spent over 30 minutes getting to know him. It was really amazing.”

“I started Heal so other pet parents could experience the compassion, convenience, and cutting edge medicine that I so needed for my sweet hound dog, Jim. I watched in wonder as Dr. O’Leary healed Jim, in the comfort of his own bed, and realized that I’d found a new kind of partner in my pet’s care.

--Betsy Banks Saul, Founder of Heal House Call Veterinarian and


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