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Caring for your pet during COVID-19 through house calls and telemedicine.
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  • Heal House Call Vets Care
    Vets who love pets. In the comfort of home.
Heal House Call Veterinarian: a family approach to veterinary medicine.

We believe you are an important partner in your pet’s health care. We believe that every pet should be treated as an individual. We believe pets deserve preventive care. We believe in keeping pets and their people together.

All this, in the safe and convenient comfort of home.


“What a difference it made to Tucker to have his doctor visit him at home. Because of his arthritis, he always has trouble walking on the slick floors of the clinic and he gets very stressed. Then I get stressed. Plus, the vet spent over 30 minutes getting to know him. It was really amazing.”

“I started Heal so other pet parents could experience the compassion, convenience, and cutting edge medicine that I so needed for my sweet hound dog, Jim. I watched in wonder as Dr. O’Leary healed Jim, in the comfort of his own bed, and realized that I’d found a new kind of partner in my pet’s care.”

--Betsy Banks Saul, Founder of Heal House Call Veterinarian and Petfinder.com

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Why Heal+ is better for your pet

Individualized care—not just lip-service at Heal.

Predictable costs in medicine usually mean a one-size-fits-all wellness plan. Not at Heal. We trust Heal vets with the freedom to make individualized decisions just for your pet. Our plans are just $44 per month (regardless of the age or history) and your Heal vet get to choose which vaccinations and tests your pet needs.

  • Simple, predictable costs ($44/mo)
  • Nose-to-tail in-home exams (2x/yr)
  • Your veterinarian every time
  • Access to your vet through tele-health
  • Vaccines, diagnostic tests, urinalysis

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Pets are part of your family

We know you want a partner in your pet’s health care. Our Heal vets look forward to having the time to get to know your pet, treat them as a whole rather than a group of symptoms and be there for you in times of need.  Heal visits are usually about 30-40 minutes in the low-stress environment of your home.


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