Yes, Cats Really Do Love You

June is Adopt-a-Cat or Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.  A lot of people think of cats as the “step-pets” of companion animals–sort of like how Cinderella was viewed by her family.  They assume that cats cannot “love” their “parents” as much as dogs love us.  While it’s true that cats tend to be much more independent than dogs, it’s not necessarily true that they do not show their affection for their guardians.  


For instance, I have two outside kitties, black brothers that as babies were distinguishable only by the slightly differing amounts of white hairs on their throats.  Now, one is tall and lanky and the other is shorter and chunkier, but when coming back from their jaunts in the woods, they both have the most adorable habit of greeting me with their tails raised high with a curl at the tip.  I have never seen them with this curlique tail when they are on their own.  They run, or more likely saunter, up to me with tails curled up high and wait for my pats and praises.  I am their special human and darn proud of it!


One of my indoor kitties is my old man–the best cat ever, and the other two are three-year-old siblings–Bengals with more energy than I thought it possible for a creature to have.  My old guy has never met a stranger and will love on anyone, and the other two take slightly longer to warm up to people.   But to me, they are my furry children and have me very well trained.  For example, when I open a specific cabinet, they act like toddlers being offered candy in their fervor to get a treat, and sometimes, I even give in.  Most of the time you cannot even see my lap in the evenings, and sometimes all three of them lounge there, peacefully coexisting.  But heaven help me if I sneeze–I have claw marks all over!


Cats are becoming much more common as pets precisely because they are more independent and easier to care for than dogs.  If you decide to adopt a cat, don’t think that you’ll miss out on the best love you’ve ever invested in.  It will just come in a slightly drier, less slobbery form and unique from each cat to their particular human.  So adopt your one or two love bundles during this special month, and depend upon your Heal Veterinarian to help you keep them healthy for, hopefully, a very long time.

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