Dr. Kristan Riley Bio

dr riley

Dr. Riley has always had a passion for science and an interest in medicine. Her first job in high school was working for a laboratory in a hospital, where she got to experience medicine first hand, at a young age. Having always loved the “ER” television shows, she just knew she wanted to be a doctor someday. Dr. Riley attended Indiana University where she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. During her undergraduate studies, she became EMT certified and would volunteer in the local ER.  Dr. Riley was originally headed to human medical school, but after helping repair and treat a severe wound in a horse (under the supervision of an equine veterinarian), she knew that medicine was most certainly still the right path for her, and that she wholeheartedly wanted to treat animal patients, instead of humans.


Dr. Riley graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State University in 2017 (Go Wolfpack!). As a military household, her family has moved all over the US and even overseas, and now they have returned to familiar territory in North Carolina. Her husband, Austin, and her two sons, Landen and Maximus, keep Dr. Riley on her toes! They love to bike, hike, camp, climb and repel. They have an Australian Cattle Dog named Zeus, and an elderly cat named Sterling.


Everyone wants their furry family members to live as long as possible! Dr. Riley is passionate about providing care for senior and geriatric pets. That is why her practice is specifically geared toward caring for them. She provides in-home hospice care by fully evaluating the whole pet: diet, exercise, mobility, cognitive function and much much more. Extending their lives by improving the quality of life is possible with the right tools!


Although it can be very difficult to say goodbye, Dr. Riley’s compassion for the human-animal bond gives her empathy to help ease this transition and bring peace in a challenging time. Her clients are free to celebrate the life of their beloved pet and also to grieve in the comfort of their own homes.


It is my honor to get to know you and your pets in your very own living room, and to help you plan for your pet’s last moments on this earth.

— Dr. Riley


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