Dr. Kathryn Jones Bio

Welcome Kathryn Jones, DVM — the Triad area’s Heal House Call Veterinarian.


As Kathryn Jones was winding down her career with the U.S. Postal Service, she began thinking about what was next. One thing was clear: she wanted to touch the lives of companion animals. As her plans formed, she earned an undergraduate degree in animal science, and when retirement became a reality, she made a momentous decision: she applied to vet school. In 2016, she received her D.V.M. from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine.


During her studies, she realized that veterinary medicine was more than simply administering immunizations and attending to emergencies. It included preventive care, good nutrition, pain and disease management and all aspects of animal care as part of the big picture that provides quality of life for pets and their people. Providing the framework for a positive human-animal bond became her mission.


Being a Heal House Call veterinarian gives her a venue to connect meaningfully with her patients and clients. Rearing three children and raising a host of rescued pets has given her another requisite for success: patience. That quality, along with her calm demeanor, helps her deal effectively with pets.


“Having an opportunity to enhance the lives of pets and pet parents gives me joy and a sense of fulfillment,” she says. Her contentment in her chosen profession translates to satisfied clients.

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