An Ounce of Prevention

June has several topics of veterinary interest, and previous articles have discussed them.  One of the important ones is National Preparedness Month which fits very well with adopting a cat and getting them microchipped to avoid the heartache of loss.


Preparing to be a pet parent should be done with just as much forethought as we should put into starting our human families–even more, actually, since there are several breeds (not to mention, species) of pets to choose from.  Each species and breed has its own unique characteristics and health needs to be considered.  From researching what breed will best suit your lifestyle to being sure that you can be responsible for all their needs for a decade, and hopefully more, are just two things to ponder.  There’s also food, housing, health and wellness needs, safety, travel, accident, sickness, insurance, financial, behavioral, hospice, end-of-life, and even inheritance considerations to be aware of.  And you thought that you were just going to the pound to adopt a cat and then get a microchip inserted.


As a veterinarian, I have too often seen the results of lack of preparation by pet parents who gave in to their human child’s whimsy to “just have that cute puppy or kitten.”  Both “babies” grow up, often leaving that “not-so-cute-anymore” dog or cat discarded in the backyard without the interaction or care that they deserve.  The best possible life lesson we as human parents can give our offspring is the privilege of being responsible for another life not our own.  Both parties reap rich rewards in love and selflessness that definitely make the world a better place for all.


So let’s enjoy the beautiful month of June by adopting a cat, getting a microchip, and preparing to enjoy a long life with that furry baby.  Not to mention Hug Your Cat Day (June 4), National Running Day (June 5), National Best Friends Day (June 8), World Pet Memorial Day (June 11), (cats and dogs can be too) Father’s Day (June 16), National Garfield the Cat Day–but I hope not as fat (June 19), and last but not least, Take Your Dog to Work Day or National Dog Party Day and Ugliest Dog Day (June 21).  Wow–so much to do, but so much fun!

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