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Indy Bricks-and-Mortar Clinics: Expand to House Calls

Cherry-pick your favorite pet for a pilot. Provide concierge care. Expand care to those in need. There are many reasons why a traditional bricks-and-mortar clinic should consider house calls. Services offered as house calls may not be the best way to fill clinic schedules. However, these lower-cost services can be delivered cost-effectively in homes to increase clinic loyalty and community impact.


We partnered with Mars, Inc., to learn the benefits that house calls could provide to a traditional clinic. We found that even in homes that kept their pet on a wellness program at the clinic, there were extra, unidentified pets in the home. In fact, for every 100 animals known to the clinic, there were 26 extra pets that hadn’t seen the doctor. What’s more, our house call veterinarian was able to provide services to them all!


Increasing the number of pets per family that access veterinary care, providing in-home euthanasia, increasing compliance and follow-up, and helping pet parents who have mobility challenges are just the tip of the iceberg.


Heal can help you integrate house calls into your traditional clinic, guiding you through service offerings that will set your practice apart from the corporate clinics in town.

If you’d like to talk about expanding your clinic services, let’s talk!



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