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About Heal House Call Veterinarian

Heal co-founder Betsy Banks Saul

Betsy Banks Saul had been thinking about the future of veterinary medicine and what direction it was going when she crossed paths with Dr. Erin O’Leary, a mobile veterinarian specializing in laser therapy. Betsy had made an appointment with Erin to treat her old dog, Jim, who could no longer walk unassisted. While Jim was undergoing treatment-and improving steadily- Betsy and Erin talked about some of the frustrating aspects of a brick and mortar veterinary practice, both from the veterinarian’s and the client’s point of view. The more they talked, they realized that with Betsy’s business acumen and Erin’s practice experience, they could design a model that would provide a great opportunity for veterinarians to facilitate client satisfaction and ease the drudgery of running a business. Heal House Call Veterinarian was born.


Erin O’Leary was an elementary school teacher when her passion for animals caused her to change career paths. She studied at Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and, while there, took advantage of diverse opportunities including: working in wildlife rehabilitation, practicing in a remote medical veterinary program where she performed spays and neuters on pets on a Native American reservation, and experiencing hands-on wildlife medicine in South Africa. Prior to her current mobile veterinary practice, she was in small animal general practice in North Carolina.

Trooper, a basset hound, has accompanied Erin since her senior year in veterinary school and is the inspiration for the Heal House Call Veterinarian logo.  He, like all of our pets, is at the heart of what we do and why we do it.


Your Pet has the right to:

  • compassionate, gentle and respectful care.
  • be viewed as a whole pet, not just a collection of symptoms.
  • regular assessment of quality of life with special attention to mental health.
  • die with dignity and in comfort (but this should be kindly balanced with your readiness to let them go).


A Pet Parent has the right to:

  • a house call veterinarian who respects my property, time and relationship with my pet.
  • a veterinarian who operates in the best interest of my pet’s health.
  • a veterinarian who helps me understand treatment options and helps guide me through tough decisions.
  • review treatment options and understand their costs before treatment.
  • ask questions and expect that they are answered in a professional, thorough, and respectful manner.
  • be a partner in my pet’s health care and to know the people who are treating my pet.
  • be treated fairly and kindly.

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